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rigid foam

  1. venting and insulating ceiling with rigid foam

    Good morning! Writing to you from Vancouver, Canada, which I understand to be climate zone 4. I've gutted my second floor bathroom. We're going to have the ceiling follow the roof deck (ie, the other side of this sloped ceiling is the roof). The rafters are a meagre 3.5 or 4 inches. I am...
  2. Rigid Foam in Crawl Space between Joists?

    I have a small vacation cabin that has rarely been used over the years. I want to start using it now in the winters, but the (fiberglass) insulation that was originally installed has been picked apart by the local critters. I don't want to waste my time using fiberglass again; I'd rather use...
  3. Vapour barrier and XPS: Continuing Previous Owner's Rennovation

    Building & Construction
    Hello, first let me mention that I've been reading up on a lot of the threads here as a guest and I'd like to say I've always been impressed with all the info and good discussions. I'm a first-time homebuyer in Quebec (Canada) and my house has a semi-unfinished basement ... semi being in that...
  4. Insulating Cold Storage below slab porch

    Building & Construction
    Today's temp is +34F with wet snow , but winter here can hit -25 to -30, or more. Summer average 85+ , nestled between the Great Lakes for extra humidity I have an uninsulated concrete basement/ 35 year old home in early prep stage for wall insulation with a well sealed/R30 insulated rim joist...