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ridge beam

  1. glulam question

    Building & Construction
    for a glulam beam, the span would be between column supports, not the full length when reading the span charts? This will be a 48' beam supported by a middle column and one column each gable end fastned with simpson post caps. The beam will then continue past gable end on each side by 2 feet...
  2. A new roof half vaulted, half regular ceiling

    Hello! For a new roof install, half vaulted, no drywall, just exposed beam and rafters. The other half will have 8 ft ceilings, conventional rafter framing. Would it be a good idea either economically or structurally to have a glulam ridgebeam for the vaulted part and a smaller sawn lumber...
  3. Installing a 'false' ridge board

    Building & Construction
    First time poster here so take it easy on me :biggrin2: I live in an old colonial with exposed beams in the main part of the house. To keep in line with that look, I put false beams exposed in the loft we are renovating. My wife wants a shiplap ceiling painted white and thought an exposed...
  4. 3 LVLs On Ridge Won't Allow Ridge Vent Install???

    Hi. I've been a Roofer/Sider for most of my life and never encountered a problem like this before. The Builder who built the house I am roofing messed up big time. Just finished the entire roof (half 12 pitch and shed dormers on the other half with that half with a 7 pitch) with asphalt...
  5. Ridge beam sizing

    Building & Construction
    I’ve just got the foundation in place and finally I can get this project on the road. However, after many hours of googling stuff, I must say, that I got stuck on how to do the roof. The idea is to have a cathedral ceiling and use a ridge beam. I plan to use one double 2x10 resting on a double...