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  1. Rewire halogen to regular lighting

    Hi My home was built in the 70s. There are three halogen can lights in the dining room. The lights are 50w and they get SUPER hot. I removed the lights and clipped the two wires so I could rewire to a pendant light. The first one had a little bit of power but then it went away. The other two...
  2. Rewire House

    Good Afternoon, I'm Vaughn. So here is what I need help with. I need to rewire my house. I asked local electricians how much it would cost... (20K-25K). I thought that was steep. So I would like to do it myself. I would like to know: What is the recommended circuit breaker amps. Also what...
  3. Light in small closet

    Hello everyone, I just have a quick question or two. I am currently rewiring 3 bedrooms in my house; There are currently pull string ceiling lights in each closet. (These are small closets, that are not walk in - they just have a sliding door). From my findings from the 2014 NEC (ohio, no...
  4. 1957 home electrical mess

    Hi everyone, here is a photo of my breaker box on our 1957 home we bought last year in WA state. As you can see, its a disaster. the kitchen, bathroom, and one of the bedrooms are grounded. Everything else has three prong outlets but are actually not grounded. I am going to build a shop...
  5. Rewiring a switch controlled receptacle to a ceiling fan

    Hello, I am trying to rewire our bedroom so that a switch that currently turns on/off a receptacle will instead control a ceiling fan and leave the receptacle always hot. Receptacle: Has 3 cables coming into the box. The outlet has a 1 hot wire and 2 neutrals attached to it. In the box...
  6. How we cut holes in drywall

    Drywall & Plaster
    I had the whole house rewired. I did the cutting in the drywall. Wanted LEAST dust and a clean cut. Cut long strips up 12 foot long and 6-12" wide for the electricians . Before we started my wife and I tried a few saws and methods. Finally found the very best for us. We used a cheap...
  7. Help with desperately needed electrical upgrade

    I just purchased a home in California which has original 55 amp all aluminum electrical(yes even the wire run to lighting and outlets). I am going to pull a permit and get my electric company to shut off the main before i start work, but want to check my plans for code worthiness. This is what I...
  8. Doorbell issue

    I have a typical ding dong doorbell. The button is obviously at my front door, the chime is above my stairs and very unusual. It has 2 wires coming from the back that splits into a red and yellow wire. So there's 2 reds and 2 yellows. The bell has screw connectors that say, front, transformer...
  9. Rewire

    Hi, I have sort of a general question about design on a house I have gutted and plan to live in. The home is quite small, around 900 sq. ft. It's down to new construction rough in stage. I have finished making changes to framing, and re plumbed all the waste and supply lines, etc. and am ready...
  10. Breaker Panel Replacement Plan

    A little help needed. We are upgrading the wiring and our panel in our 1905 craftsman and I have a few questions. I was planning on a 200 Amp panel with 30 spaces. Question 1: Recommendations on brand for my new panel. Question 2: Do you see any problems with the configuration below? 1 12/2...
  11. Adding a ground wire to a fixture?

    I have a pair of antique, 2-arm, brass sconces that were handed down from my wife's great-grandfather, and have 2 questions about mounting and wiring. WIRING The sconces have been recently rewired for electric, with a rotary switch in the middle. The electrician is coming in to install boxes...
  12. Rewire 1955 house

    I am remodeling the kitchen in a house that was built in 1955. I'm going to replace the existing outlets with GFCI outlets and add an outlet for the microwave, etc. My question concerns the rest of the house. The outlets in the house are wired with 12 gauge, non-grounded wire on 20 amp...
  13. Light controlled by switch, outlet always on, power at this the way?

    I've looked for this question and haven't found an exact match, but if there is one, please let me know. I'm rewiring my kitchen and want to add an outlet on the same circuit as our carport light. The light is the only thing on this circuit currently and it is powered through the light with a...
  14. ALL new electrical for 1912 Four Square - How Much??

    Looking to purchase a 1912 Four Square that is 2800sf. The electrical has never been updated. There is no box. It is all fuses on the back porch. I want to know a ballpark of the price before I make an offer on the house. Any advice? House is located in Memphis, TN.
  15. Rewire

    I'm looking to purchase a home that was built in 1966 in Phoenix, AZ that's about 2100sqft. I need some help figuring out what the cost to rewire the home would be & bringing it up to code. Any ideas?