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reverse osmosis

  1. Where to Install R.O Whole House System?

    Hello, I'm trying to setup a whole house R.O system and I had a few questions. The main water line into house does it first run into the washer/dryer Hot Cold before the Water Heater? If I tap into the Cold water inlet to the water heater and put the system before it goes into water heater...
  2. Drainage issue while installing my new RO system.

    Hello, I am installing an RO system in my house. It is an under the sink model. I am at the point in the process where I install the little clamp around a drainage pipe and drill a hole in it for the system to drain into. THe only problem is, I dont have a drainage pipe like what they are saying...
  3. Very Low Well Water Pressure After Replacing RO Unit

    We just bought this home a couple months ago and it's our first home with a well water system. The house was completely re-built about 4 years ago and at that time they installed a RO system. Unfortunately the RO company has gone out of business and we can no longer get replacement filters...
  4. reverse osmosis - faucet

    I bought a house with a 13 year old GE Smartwater RO water filtration system. Is it worth buying new filters and a membrane and get it going again or does the system in general need to be replaced more often? Assuming I go forward with the new filters, I have a question about the air gap...
  5. Water softener, reverse osmosis, filtration, injection etc. vendors review

    I have recently spent quite a lot of time researching and buying various equipment (filtration, water softener, chemical injection, reverse osmosis, etc.) from different on-line stores and wanted to share the experience with these vendors, hopefully, saving money and frustration for others, who...
  6. Performance RO Tank

    I'm assuming that there's not a big difference between an Amtrol RO 3.2 Gal tank and a Performance RO 3.2 Gal tank. I need to replace a Amtrol 3.2 Gal RO tank with a busted bladder but can only find the Performance brand locally and I'd like to avoid having to pay shipping. The Performance...
  7. Reverse Osmosis Options

    Hi, I purchased a Whirlpool Reverse Osmosis system (model #: WHER255) from Lowes for my old house. I had city water (Chicago) and I loved the system. Living in Chicago, we were charged a flat fee for water; it wasn't metered. We recently moved out to the surburbs where the city delivers well...