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return vent hvac basement

  1. Figuring HVAC Needs in Basement

    Hey everyone - I'm finishing my basement downstairs, and now getting to the HVAC stage. The unit in the house can handle all the additional needs of the basement (was specifically ordered that way when we built it back in 2007). There were 2 runs coming off the main trunk line to the outer...
  2. Return Air Requirements

    I Am installing an Goodman 69k btu furnace in my home, I am wondering what would be the standard return air requirements, I will be cutting out the sill plate and floor on a partition wall i am not sure if one stud span will be enough. I will be using a regular filter. Thank You very much for...
  3. Where to put Return air vents in basement

    Greetings: I am finishing the basement. I drywalled before putting the return vents. I have pictures and can locate where the return ducts are and will be able to cut and put the vents. In case of rooms where the return ducts may not be running through, how do I put the return vents and be...