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  1. IKEA Stockholm Vinyl Wrap & Restoration

    Interior Decorating
    I just saw a video where they took a coffee table (the IKEA Stockhom) from the trashe, restored it and used vinyl to wrap the top. Has anyone else doe this? I know there was/is a company called Panyl that does this with a lot of IKEA products (I mean I think they sell precut appliques) but I'm...
  2. After a flood, okay to remove less than bottom 2 feet of drywall?

    Drywall & Plaster
    Some emergency flood restoration workers say that it's necessary to remove drywall touched by water, starting at the floor, up to two feet (60cm). To me, that sounds suspiciously like a magic number, not necessarily supported by science. Would it work to simply remove the baseboard, and then...
  3. Resoting Parquet Flooring

    Hi all, I've just moved into a new flat and discovered original parquet flooring underneath the existing.There appears to be some adhesive left behind (see attached photo) and I was hoping to get some advice on how to remove it. Any pointers would be amazing. Thanks .
  4. '76 Camaro Restoration?

    Automotive Repairs
    Hey everyone, My uncle is moving and is leaving his "Project Car" (read: has been under a tarp for ~a decade) behind. I have convinced him to have it shipped from GA to NC but haven't laid eyes on it in 5 years myself. It''s a 76 Camaro and probably needs a lot of electrical work from the...
  5. Removing beadboard / shiplap over plaster ?

    Drywall & Plaster
    Hello! I'm a new homeowner of a charming 1950's style brick capecod home! Exciting as it is, there are many updates (cosmetic and other) to do in order to make it our own. The previous owners went a little "crazy" installing 6' beadboard on every wall and over every ceiling, and installing one...
  6. early 1900's modified tool chest restoration

    I have found and bought an old tool chest made from wood, it has metal and copper accents as well as ball bearing caster wheels. It looks to me like it has been modified over the years, paint, locks etc. and it is in need of some repair... hence my posting to this blog.
  7. Restoring a Weathered Marble Tabletop

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi all, My wife bought a marble and wrought iron bistro table that has been outside, exposed to the elements for years. The gloss and shine have disappeared from what was once a beautiful table. Is this a simple case of cleaning with baking soda and water, then using a decent marble sealant...
  8. How to Recoat (Sandless Refinish) Hardwood Floors

    How To Guides
    Here is directions to restore wood floors that have previously been finished with a polyurethane finish using a sandless refinishing method. (Please Note: This process is not for all wood floors, since no actual sanding is done this process will not remove dents or dings that are deeper than the...
  9. Hello From Casselberry, Fl

    New Member Introductions
    IF anyone has any question about having their terrazzo floor restored, I'll be more then happy to answer any of your question you may have... Here's a couple of before and after pictures on what we do Albert Shulze