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  1. Gardening Forum
    Hi, I have a two very large beautiful trees in my backyard, and one had been secreting some type of resin from multiple areas around it. If I could get some advice to see if it's normal for this tree to be in this condition or if I need to have someone come in and help it. I have noticed a very...
  2. General DIY Discussions
    Hello all, long time lurker first time poster. I am building a mahogany table that will sit beside a charcoal grill. I have built a mahogany bar in my basement and used a 2-part epoxy resin to coat it and it is absolutely perfect. When I started this grill table I was thinking I would use...
  3. General DIY Discussions
    Has anyone seen anything like this before in a wood knot. Found it on a post in my basement stairwell. Just would like to know what it is and how to fix it.
  4. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I need your help to advise me how to repair severe surface cracks while building my house. The cracks appeared due to a mistake during the casting of a fresh concrete on site to build above grade slab for the first floor (ground floor ceiling). the cracks appeared on the surface withing 24Hrs...
  5. Project Showcase
    Here's the photo album: (poor)quality video of the lights:
  6. Building & Construction
    I really don't know if anyone here will be able to help on this, but I am having a real hard time finding answers for this. I enjoy building things in my free time and wanted to try a fairly simple hot tub design. I can build the frame and hookup the electrical/plumbing no problem; but I haven't...
  7. Plumbing
    Hey gang, I just replaced my resin and distributor tube screen. I was losing a very small amount of resin into my house and although the resin still felt good (didn't crush) I figured let's replace it anyway. I also thought there may be a crack in the lower screen so why not replace that as...
1-7 of 7 Results