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  1. 89 year mom needs new roof

    My mom has a 1900 sq ft half flat and half low pitch roof. The house is an open ceiling design with no attic space. There are leaks at the pitch where there is a narrow band of ponding because the boards creating the pitch do not fit tightly. I still have 2 years on that manufacturer's warranty...
  2. Low slope roof - repair possible?

    Hey, I made a different post in which I was asking the wrong question :) Here, I'd like to know whether my low slope (was told 2-12) roof can still be repaired. Plenty of pictures! From what I am told, I have a torch down roof on tar. Now, I haven't been able to find anything on tar roofs, only...
  3. diy re roofing in Florida heat

    Greetings.. I have a low slope roof in Florida that needs replacing.. my 1st estimate made me want to be a roofer.. at least once in my life.. the cost is so high that i am going to invest my time and effort instead now.. What materials can i use that will be the most durable and heat...
  4. In need of a little help on roofing project

    Ok I am looking to see if anyone out there could help me out..I live in the Tampa Florida area and I am having my roof redone. I was told you get a credit on your home owners insurance if you use peel and stick (like ice and water shield) but does that have to be done on the whole roof or just...
  5. Mold in attic after reroof

    This summer/fall I had my 25 year old house reroofed and the chimney recrowned/tucked and pointed. After the repair, I've been having a recurring leak around a stone/cinderblock chimney that the roofers been out to fix repeatedly. Changed the flashing twice and mortared the space between the...