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  1. How to replace DP switch with a SP

    I need to install a SP light switch where I currently have a Double pole. How do I do that and do I need to disconnect the other switch that is controlling the same circuit? Thank You
  2. replacing receptacles

    I am in the process of replacing old receptacles, when I opened up the box I found two sets of black and white wires, my new receptacles only has one outlet, I connected one set of the black and white wires and put wire nuts on both the other sets, now the receptacle works but celling lights in...
  3. heavier chandelier???

    Can I replace the existing chandelier with a heavier chandelier? Are there some weight restrictions for certian ceiling electrical boxes or can i mount any size chandelier onto the existing box? The exiting chandelier is about 10 lbs. and is currently attached over the dining roon table area. I...
  4. replacing mudroom roof

    I have to replace the roof of our mudroom, which is about 6 X 8 ft. and currently has a slightly sloping flat roof covered with tar-paper and is attached to a main outside wall and sealed with flashing. It currently leaks a little bit and therefore it needs to be replaced. I would like a short...