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  1. SJT vs SVT power cable for pressure cooker

    Hi, I have an Instant Pot that came with a very short power cable (maybe 2 feet at best). The original cable specs are SJT, 105 C deg, 3 x 18 AWG, 300V VW-1. I would prefer a slightly longer power cable for better placement while in use. I have a spare PC cable (from a tower-style PC). It's...
  2. How to replace Honeywell 8 wire thermostat

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to replace one old 8 wire thermostat in my condo. But my new thermostat has only 5 wires, I don't know to do it, are there anyone who could help me out? Old model is Honeywell T8575D2003 New model is Honeywell RTH2300B Thank you very much.:smile::smile::smile:
  3. Heat Pump Repair - Validate that I'm not getting ripped off

    Hello all. I'm new to this forum and DIY in general. My wife and I live in Washington State in a rural area. Two years ago we had a brand new Trane 18i XL heat pump and Trane furnace (propane) installed. About three weeks ago, the heat pump stopped turning on. I started the diagnosis process...
  4. How do I replace a BR30 bulb socket with a three globe pendant?

    We recently moved in to a new house and I am undertaking some modifications. We have a BR30 bulb socket in the ceiling at the entrance. I have recently bought a three globe pendant to replace that. Could anyone help me on how to proceed with the repayment? Do I need to make some modifications...
  5. Rot replacement wood framing T111 cut out and use CMU block? 2.25" foundation + grade

    Building & Construction
    Rot replacement wood framing T111 cut out and use CMU block? 2.25" foundation + grade Hi all! Been wanting to join a home DIY forum for awhile and today's the day :) I have a non load bearing side of house with a standard full basement with partial walk out bulkhead and half stick wall on one...
  6. Vinyl Fence Repair

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Go easy on me as I'm a new homeowner and equally new to home repair! our front yard has an underscalloped vinyl fence. One of the pickets' peaks is cracked off (no idea how), and borders our neighbor's driveway. I don't like this eye sore for our neighbors and ourselves and would really like...
  7. Is it possible to remove a ridge cap and replace with shingles?

    That last folks that did our roof put in a ridge cap. Well, I found out later it probably wasn't necessary or even should not have been done, as we already have passive vents at four places in the roof. In addition to that, there are passive vents at the gables at both ends of the house. One...
  8. Have Any of You Used The WingTite Shower Drain?

    If you have used the WingTite drain, how did it work for you? The main selling point of this drain is that it installs from the top. I was wondering how well these drains hold up over the years. Thank you
  9. Weird (lazy) furnace behavior

    Hi everyone, I have a 3 yrs old 52000 BTU efficiency furnace. It was working perfectly for the first 3 winters, then started behaving weirdly just about a month and a half ago. I would set it to 74, and it USUALLY would not kick in until the temperature would go down to 71, 70, sometimes even...
  10. Replace fireplace bars

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    We have an old homemade stone fireplace at our cabin that we use for outdoor grilling. The three 1" steel support pipes embedded in the stone above the firebox have rusted out and need to be replaced. Is there any way to do that without removing the stone to reach the ends? If I cut the rods in...
  11. Replacing sealed unit in vinyl windows

    Windows and Doors
    Hi, we have a number of vinyl windows with double pane windows but the sealed units are done. Yes, the windows are all fogged up. I wanted to replace just the sealed unit with a thermal low e insert. My question is that I am able to quickly get the glazing stops off from the inside. The problem...
  12. whats the best kind of flooring for an old farmhouse

    We have an old 150 year old farmhouse and have been re-doing the kitchen but have gotten stuck at flooring. we removed the vinyl flooring to find thin planks covered with glue.we really want to keep with the farmhouse style but aren't sure if we should keep what we're sure is the original...
  13. Old Pergo-glued together-flooring repair ugh!

    So... I have a 1960's ranch in Florida that had a planter in the floor... Long story short...planter was removed and pergo flooring needs to be replaced. This is an old pergo floor that has been glued together and is extremely difficult to get apart. I cut out portions of the floor with a...
  14. Increase deck footing thickness

    Building & Construction
    I want to increase existing footer thickness on 20" round footing that is about 3" to 4" thick now (best guess from outer edge). Problem is it is 16 years old, not flat , not smooth & is dirty. It also has a 2x6 imbedded in it that I can't remove as it is not rotten (nor was the post). This was...
  15. Repair pine floor with no subfloor

    Hi I'm renovating a 100 year-old rowhome. On the first floor I'll be removing linoleum and a layer of thin, damaged plywood to reveal the original floors. These were pine planks nailed straight into the joists. (There is no overlap between the boards, and no subfloor underneath them.) Quite a...
  16. Best way to fix this leaky shower valve

    This valve leaks. I can't quite figure out how much, but I'm pretty certain it's my culprit. There have been a couple of times I've gone downstairs and water is dripping quite rapidly out of several of the subfloor cuts. Looking up through the holes, there is water apparently coming from the...
  17. Repair/Replace 4x4 Porch Post

    Building & Construction
    I have a 4x4 porch post on a one story ranch that appears to be rotting at its base. The post is what appears to be simply sitting on concrete and is not anchored down, the top of the post is not visible as the post extends up into soffit. Is it possible to replace the lower portion of the post...
  18. How replace wall tile?

    General DIY Discussions
    Hey all, I am in the process of painting my bath tub. I have been prepping it by removing all caulking and grout at the base. I accident broke a tile in the bottom corner of the tub. I am not sure how to replace it. If I cut it out it is lathe & plaster on the back and I'm afraid it will...
  19. Need help replacing flapper on old toilet

    I have an old (1930 era) toilet. There are no markings ANYwhere on the toilet (at the seat hinge, behind the bowl, inside the tank -- I've checked) to indicate the manufacturer or model. See 3 pics below. I need to replace the leaking flapper, but the one that's on there is different than the...
  20. Delta shower valve replacement on exterior wall

    Plumbing pretty handy but b4 i dig into this one, i want to find out the least destructive way to get this done. my whole valve inside the wall needs replaced, i warped the valve housing awhile back trying to remove the large circular ring that holds the cartridge in, and i know what i did wrong...