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  1. Renovating existing staircase

    Hi, I am replacing an existing staircase and would like to ask some of you experts out there the best way of dismantling the old without damaging the parts. The staircase is completely wooden and in good repair. Where do I start? With the bottom Newell post, or should I take out the balusters...
  2. Water in wood stove pipe.

    Building & Construction
    Hi, I've recently removed a wood stove from my basement in order to open up the space. I decided to put some insolation in the remaining pipe, then cover it with vapour barrier and tuck tape it sealed so it didn't draw heat out. I've noticed now that after about a month there is maybe around...
  3. Greetings! Custom Mural artist in Miami FL

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. Although i am an artist with years of experience, i have recently started to take on mural designs. I have very little knowledge on prepping walls/surfaces for the initial painting. I know that without getting the wall ready, it can ruin the design. I hope i can find what i...
  4. Ouellet Heater - A Lemon

    Buyer beware! I have installed a number of heaters in my lifetime but never have I come across such a disappointment in performance as in the Ouellet – OAC model. Manufactured by a company in Quebec this fan forced heater is 90% fan and 10% heater. This company has poor customer service and...
  5. Best 3D renovating Software with walk-through???

    Building & Construction
    Hello, i was hoping someone can help me out. I am looking for a program for my computer where i can draw out a floor plan and build interior walls and when im done, i can do a 3D walk though of the interior and exterior, and it shows everything in detail from where the coffee table is to what...
  6. moving a house for the first time

    Off Topic
    I live in Virginia and am hoping to find an old home to purchase inexpensively to move to my property. I have found a few 'historic' properties, that all come with covenants that basically allow me to improve and financially support the home, but if I don't do it exactly the way they want, they...