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  1. A very basic question about buying a "project house"

    Building & Construction
    Hi everybody, Forgive the probably very simple question, but I hoped you'd be able to help! I am completely new to all things building and construction. We're currently looking to buy a house and have found one that mostly seems lovely. It needs some decor updates which we're happy to take...
  2. Insulating 1940's slat & kraft paper detached garage??

    Building & Construction
    Hey all, First time on the forum asking questions as I tackle my latest house project. I have a 1940's detached garage in Seattle which I intend to use for band practice once I finish cleaning it up. My plan was to tear out the inside 1/4" "walls", insulate the 2x4 framing with fiberglass...
  3. Hello everyone

    New Member Introductions
    My name is Dervin Mcbride Im certified as a pre apprentice in carpentry & love to see the outcome of a renovation or a remodeling job. I look forward to giving my 2 cents on certain discussions & I'm thankful to be a part of this community. :thumbsup: