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  1. Relocating air handler

    I want to buy a house, but the air handler is above the master closet. I would want to move it to the attic above the garage or in the garage. I was wondering about how much this would cost? Also, need a ball park idea of cost if I were to replace the air handler too. If it is way too...
  2. moving mistake

    We are re-arranging our laundry room and needed to move the dryer plug down the wall about 2 feet. This was easily accomplished, as the back of the wall is in the crawl space and I could see that there was enough slack in the wire. We turned off the power, removed the wires from the...
  3. moving a house for the first time

    Off Topic
    I live in Virginia and am hoping to find an old home to purchase inexpensively to move to my property. I have found a few 'historic' properties, that all come with covenants that basically allow me to improve and financially support the home, but if I don't do it exactly the way they want, they...