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  1. Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Can I regrout a shower floor that was originally sanded grout with unsanded grout? I am regrouting a floor that has 2x2 tiles and a 1/6" grout line. The original guy used sanded grout - now it's leaking. I have removed most of the grout down about 1/8" and want to regrout with unsanded grout...
  2. Tiling, ceramics, marble
    before i get started I want to thank the guys helped me thru the other post, he helped tremendously.As right now, i have my living room, dining room and kitchen, all tiled out in the middle, leaving just the peices around the edge, For the most part im happy with every. But on to my problem then...
  3. Flooring
    I'm doing a lot of research on grout cleaning before I get started. Unfortunately with all the claims out there, it's hard to know what to trust... like that TV commercial with what looks like a battery powered toothbrush that "easily" makes grout look new. Right .... The white grout in the...
1-3 of 3 Results