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  1. Register "Extension" or Relocation

    Hey all! I'm working on finishing my basement. I had it framed and I just finished the drywall on all the walls. I'm getting ready to drywall the soffit covering the ductwork. I have two registers/vents encased by the soffit surrounding the ductwork. If I want air circulation in the...
  2. HVAC duct drip/ting noise

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    Just moved into a our new house, originally build in the 1980's. The past few night we've noticed a drip like sound coming from the vent in our bedroom. It is consistent and happens through out the night. I also noticed it in the morning from the bathroom vent. Right now we are in winter and...
  3. Return Air Register type / placement

    Hi there, I've just finished skim coating and painting a bedroom in my house. I'm now in the process of doing some of the detail work at the end like putting registers back on the walls for the return air intake. I am having some trouble finding a way to put a register on this opening because...
  4. Cutting Baseboard Trim Under Register

    Hello, I am installing new higher baseboard molding in a bedroom. One of the register covers is only 4" off the floor so I will need to cut a 12" long 1/4" deep notch in the top of the molding to accommodate the register cover. Contractors have done a very nice job of this in other...
  5. Hvac different temperatures at registers

    Registers in one room have noticeably warmer (not "warm", but less cool) air than other rooms. All rooms are on the same zone/unit. The room with the warmer registers branch from their own main trunk duct. This room also happens to be the closest in proximity to the ac unit. The ducting is in...
  6. HVAC Air Duct Boots / Registers Insulation

    I have a house that was built in 1977 in houston which I bought last year. The AC system up until the boots/Register/vents were installed in 2007 or 08. and the Air Duct boot/Register/Vent ( I am not sure exactly what they're called) has insulation on the inside that has overspray from when they...
  7. Southern front room temperature issues

    I'm sure many of you have heard of this issue before so I'm sorry if this has already been answered. My home is heated/cooled through central air and every single room receives excellent heating and cooling except for the southern bedroom. I'm guessing the sun beams down on the room all day and...
  8. Baseboard moulding taller than air registers

    I'm replaceing all the baseboards in our living room and kitchen since I just installed new hardwood. We had the small 3.5" tall baseboards before and want to go back with 5 or 5.5". I'm not sure which height exactly. The problem is that the new baseboards would be taller than our heating/air...