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  1. liquid deglosser on cabinets

    Hi there. I'm interested in refinishing my kitchen cabinets. Has anyone had any experience with Liquid Deglosser? Can I use that and then lightly sand and be ready to prime? Your help is appreciated!
  2. How to Remove Stubborn Paint? Please Help!

    Hello! I'm having a big problem I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me with. I have a pine dresser and desk that were made for me in 2003 that I'm trying to refinish. My plan is to remove the paint and stain the furniture for a more natural look. The only problem is I can't seem to...
  3. Refinishing bath/kitchen cabinets

    Our home is about 12 years old and the bath and kitchen cabinets are showing their age. The finish is coming off the solid wood doors and in some cases the framing as well. I need to restore the finish without changing the stain. What are my options? Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  4. Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Question

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    So - I'm in the middle of refinishing my kitchen cabinets. Right now, I'm stripping the varnish and finish off all the cabinet doors and drawer faces. No issues there. However, I am having some difficulty getting the varnish and finish off of the cabinet trim and cabinets itself. The product...
  5. Marlon Brando's Salt & Pepper shakers

    Interior Decorating
    Hello group. My dad was life long friends with Marlon Brando, they went to high school together and were close up until they passed away. Yes, we have lots of stories. Back in the 1950's Marlon gave my folks this salt and pepper shaker set, we used them regularly and it is practically a...
  6. Pickeld oak strip and refinish

    I would like to install new natural oak flooring but have 20 something pickled oak banisters. Anyone have luck refinishing old pickled oak railings?
  7. Help -- I may have bought the wrong paint, need advice

    I'm in the process of refinishing a wood panel door. I cleaned, repaired, sanded, and primed with X-I-M UMA. Today I went to buy the paint. I had been planning on getting Duron Signature Select interior acrylic semi-gloss. However, they said they only sold it in gallons, and I only needed a...
  8. Painting a Clawfoot Bathtub

    I need advice on painting the exterior of a clawfoot bathtub. The exterior of the tub was blasted with crushed glass (soda blasted on the interior) and all of the old paint was removed with this process. The cast iron has some pitting, probably due to age and years of sitting outdoors, but...
  9. How to Recoat (Sandless Refinish) Hardwood Floors

    How To Guides
    Here is directions to restore wood floors that have previously been finished with a polyurethane finish using a sandless refinishing method. (Please Note: This process is not for all wood floors, since no actual sanding is done this process will not remove dents or dings that are deeper than the...
  10. bathtub refinishing kits

    We are getting ready to sell our house and want to refinish the tubs to match the white sinks and toilets. We do not have the money to replace or pay a professional. What is our best option? Our home was built in 1980 and the bathtubs are the shower tub combinations that go up the wall...
  11. Old Flooring and Trim Identification and Refinishing

    Okay, Still new, could not figure out how to edit my old wood flooring post. So here I am starting a new one! Basically I have a couple of questions for my 1912 small bungalow. We have started working in the front bedroom (ripped up stinky peed on carpet, floor was still original wood and...
  12. Old wood floors

    I have a 1912 one story bungalow. It has three bedrooms, a tiny bathroom and a wonderful galley kitchen. It was neglected for years and was empty in foreclosure when I bought it. It has I think the original hardwood floors, however in all three bedrooms I had to pull up the rugs, the owners had...
  13. Using Gold Leaf on Door Hardware

    Hi Everyone: I have been working on installing some very old (approx 100 years) pocket doors which I have refinished. It has been a long an interesting project that has involved moving duct work, knocking out and reframing a wall, and refinishing the doors themselves. I am in the home...
  14. Painting a dining room table-Please help

    I just purchased a large dining room table finished in a Shabby Chic finish and I just want to paint it a semi gloss or satin black. I am not concerned with wood grain showing, but want some paint that is durable and will last. What is the best paint to use and/or most cost effective? How do...
  15. Refinishing cultured marble counter?

    General DIY Discussions
    I am trying to help my mom remodel her bathroom VERY inexpensively (she is financially strapped and trying to sell her house) so we're trying to work with the things she already has. I've seen professional refinishing services for these types of counters, but has anyone ever attmepted DIY...
  16. Should I switch from Minwax?

    I'm starting to get into woodworking and refinishing things. I've heard that professionals don't like Minwax stains and I'm wondering why and what brands people recommend for fine woodworking. Should I make a switch?
  17. Refinish or Replace Hardwoods? Is it worth it?

    The house I purchased has the original hardwood floors from 1958. I'm guessing they are oak and they are 2 inches by 3/4 inch solid wood. In 1991 an addition was built on to the back of the house. At this time a wall was knocked down and approximately 130 square feet were added to make one large...
  18. Too Much Oak

    Recently married and moved into my husband's 80's all oak home (kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, trim, built-ins, etc.) He refuses to paint over any of the wood and I need ideas on what I could do to bring all this 80's honey oak into the new century. He is open to restaining. Help!
  19. Newly refin hardwood seeping OIL!? HELP.

    I just had the hardwood floors refinished with water based stain and poly sealant. I gave them 10 days to dry before the movers brought the furniture. When the movers finished, I noticed oily patches on the floor. At first I thought the movers had grease on their shoes and I wiped it up. Now...
  20. Refinish doors in fifties house

    Bought a 1955 fixer-upper almost 2 years ago. I want to refinish 5 old interior doors that have the original stain and varnish on them. I would like to sand them and use some kind of semi-transparent dark golden oak color glaze. I am hoping for something kind of simple and one step. I keep...