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refinishing hardwood

  1. Discolored Border - Maybe Adhesive?

    Hello! We own a 1920 rowhome in Baltimore, MD. We recently removed all of the carpeting, which had several layers of laminate underneath (as far back as 1930s from newspapers also under the materials). In all of the rooms, there is an ugly diarrhea brown border around the edges of the hardwood...
  2. Hardwood floors - refinish before or after install?

    We just pulled up about 300 square feet of oak 2 1/2 inch hardwood flooring that needs to be refinished. Should we refinish the boards before installing or after? In the past we have refinished installed floors, but have never dealt with this scenario before. Also any tips on removing...
  3. staining maple hardwood floors medium brown?

    We are about to refinish about 1700 sq. feet of contiguous maple flooring and add maple treads to an adjacent staircase. The floor is currently a natural color, and a couple of decorator types have suggested we stain it darker. Most of the flooring contractors, however, advise that it will stain...
  4. ready to refinish my old oak floors

    My floors are 86 years old and in good condition, but the existing finish (probably original to the house) is extremely dull and gray, peeling and chipping, and I can scrape it off easily with a putty knife in most places. I don't want to sand the wood, just remove -- or thoroughly clean -- the...
  5. Choosing a Floor Refinisher

    My husband and I have no clue about how to choose someone to refinish our Bruce (engineered?) hardwood floors. Could someone jump in with a list of the questions we should be asking a potential refinisher. Or, just let us know what steps are involved so we can see if the man is going through the...