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  1. Which Cabinet Paint?

    Hello, I am about to remodel my kitchen and have a question about what type/brand of paint to use on the cabinets. I have used latex and oil on walls & exterior of the house, but not sure what to do here. I have seen comments about INSLX Cabinet Acrylic, Fine Paints of Europe and Enamel...
  2. Kitchen cabinet refacing recommendations

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Time to update my 25 year old kitchen. About 30 custom cabinets and I'm looking at refacing instead of replacement since there is a new stone countertop and sink. I have no refacing experience but did redo another kitchen with box store cabinets so I don't feel totally lame. Sure looks easy (as...
  3. Which vinyl plank flooring to buy?

    Like most homeowners, I've scaled back kitchen remodel plans to just what's necessary, and one of those necessary things is flooring. I've narrowed it down to vinyl plank for the following reasons: 1. Easy to install 2. Easy to cut (Cowardly DIYer is afraid of electric saws, which makes it...
  4. Exterior painting recommendations

    I've been visiting local paint stores here in SE Tennessee and checking the posts on this site and would like to get some recommendations. I need to repaint the exterior of my house which was built in the 60's. It was a rental for a long time before I bought it - I think that at least one coat...