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  1. HVAC
    I am confused about code and best practices for returning cold air from the basement. I have an unfinished laundry/furnace/water heater room (large) and a finished game room (also large). The laundry room is cold. The furnace and water heater are vented through the chimney. Dryer is vented...
  2. Insulation
    I have a hot water recirculation system that is currently insulated with regular 1/2 inch thick foam pipe insulation. Both the hot and the return lines are insulated. Altogether there is probably about 180 ft of pipe in the crawl space under the house and it is fairly accessible. I live in the...
  3. Plumbing
    I have a question regarding recirculation of hot water with a standard hot water heater. A third copper recirculation line was run to all water locations in the house to provide instant" hot water when faucets were turned on but since nothings "free" it causes the hot water heater to cycle...
1-3 of 3 Results