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  1. Plumbing
    We bought a house about 3 months ago that has a hot water recirculating pump installed on the return line at the water heater. A few days ago I noticed that the water in the kitchen was taking a long time to get warm, as if the pump was not circulating, however, it turns out that only the...
  2. Plumbing
    I live in New York state and had a Rinnai RU80i tankless water heater installed in the basement of my house. I am doing the plumbing for the cold and hot water pipes and wanted to get some feedback on if I designed the system correctly (a diagram is attached--larger PDF too). There are fixtures...
  3. Plumbing
    We just had our gas hot water heater replaced yesterday and now we are getting hot water intermittently (constantly at one sink) at various points in the house... actually the sinks that are furthest from the water heater. When the plumber installed it he seemed uncertain about how the...
  4. Plumbing
    I have a popping noise in the wall even when no water is being used. The noise is just a pop then occurs again approximately 10 minutes later. It occurs at 3 different spots in the house. We do have a recirculating hot water heater pump. It seems to be worse than it used to. Any ideas?
  5. Plumbing
    I have some sort of recirculation line under the house. All the lines are 3/4". It Seems like there are multiple loops. It takes almost 2 minutes to get hot water in Restroom 2. I wanted to install a recirculation pump to get instant hotwater. Looking at teh diagram below do you think the...
  6. Plumbing
    I had a hot water recirculation pump installed just over a year ago. Now, my water stinks when I turn on the hot water tap and I have luke warm water in my cold water line. I was told to drain off the water in my hot water tank, but this did not solve the stinky water problem. If I turn off...
1-6 of 6 Results