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  1. Recessed light cans - removing "half-moon" trim cover

    Hi - converting our recessed floods from incandescent to LED bulbs. Two of the BR40 cans have half-moon plastic covers that would seem to snap in & out, but when I try to pull them off, the whole can comes out of the ceiling. Any tips/tricks for pulling them off? Thanks.
  2. Recessed light socket bracket

    I would like to install a new retrofit LED recessed light, but can't figure out how to remove the light socket bracket. Unlike all the other pictures I've found on the internet, my socket bracket is not attached with a wing nut. Has anyone seen this type of socket bracket before (please view...
  3. Tricks for installing Airtight Baffle Trim

    I am in the process of changing 33 recessed lighting baffle trims. I am switching to the airtight version to further insulate my home from drafts (as well as spiders). The recessed lighting units are made by Halo and are rated for insulation touching the box. I don't have access to the recessed...
  4. Removing difficult light trim

    The recessed lighting trim used in my home has 3 clips that contact the inner surface of the can (see photo). The only way I've found to reliably remove the trim is to destroy it. But, because it is a gimbal or eyeball trim, the bulb can't be changed without removing them! I have about 30 of...