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  1. Re-Wire?

    Hi, I have some outlets that are still connected to old wiring. The house was built around 1900 almost all of the wiring has been replaced with Plastic NM and NM-B but a few outlets/receptacles have not. It seams in pretty good condition, the copper wires are wrapped in plastic with no ground...
  2. need thoughts on planning rewire

    My house was built in 1932 and was updated to 100 amp service in 1999 by the prior owners. When the electrical system was updated they pulled a permit and passed inspection. After a month i started having electrical issues and black marks running up the walls. started pulling out the work boxes...
  3. Rewiring room for computers

    I'm about to re-wire a room for 4 computers because they trip the breaker and clearly overload the 15amp circuit they are all plugged into. I added up the wattage and it totals 4040 for all four. This is for a home based business so they are all running 24x7. The room has a total of four...
  4. Water heater blower needs re-wire

    I have Rheem gas water heater with blower, that was plugged into the standard AC socket that is mounted into the top of the heater tank casing. One morning the water was cold. I reset the breaker and the water heated nicely. A couple days later I had blower plug/socket melt violently...