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  1. Pest Control
    Hello everyone. This morning while making breakfast I found this (see attached images please). I live in a small studio apartment in Montreal. Is this dirt or something not to worry about or is it droppings? Please help me out!
  2. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hello all. I am hoping for some help identifying this issue: There is a small void running around the corner of the house a down a hill right where to gutters end. We have long assumed it was erosion but some small holes in the soil seem to have grown this year. We have...
  3. Pest Control
    Help! - I have an infestation of rats in and around my four-stall horse barn. I secured all of my feed in solid plastic garbage pail style containers. The horses naturally drop grain while they are eating to there will always be a steady supply of food for them. I also have a chicken coop...
  4. Pest Control
    Hello guys! The pest control confirmed rodent activity at our building (San Diego, CA), and recommended to set up bait boxes to service, and quoted us 35$ every other month., and this would be an ONGOING service. He mentioned that since the building is old (built in 1960),another solution would...
  5. Insulation
    Hi, I need help figuring out what I need to do to insulate and critter proof (from rats!) under my house which overhangs a cliff in Seattle. I don't have a standard crawl space under most of the house since my floor is well above the ground (>6') and is completely open to outdoors. Here's what...
  6. Pest Control
    ARGH! I had a huge post written about my rodent problem and it's gone! Long story short, pests in my house, think they are rats & mice, possibly squirrels, noises at night, smells bad in house, losing sleep, concerned about health and damage to air ducts, wiring, etc, not enough room in attic...
1-6 of 6 Results