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  1. Mouse, rat or squirrel poop? none of the above?

    Pest Control
    Hello everyone. I have added 2 pics to my photo album. I was cleaning my trunk and found what I believe to be, rodent poop. Can someone here help me identify it? Thank you in advance!
  2. Sounds in ceiling and walls - multiple exterminators ineffective

    Pest Control
    This is getting really frustrating, and I'm hoping someone here will have a great idea. I'm sorry the post is long, but it's been a long saga. We have a two story house on a slab foundation. A little over a year ago, we heard some "skittering" sounds in the ceiling above our bed on the second...
  3. Pink Foam Droppings from WHAT?!

    Pest Control
    Hi All, We have a 100+ year old house. We currently have a pest company attempting to rid our house of rodents... in the past we've had squirrels get in the attic, an opossum in the wall and a rat in the kitchen. Disgusting. Anyway, they have supposedly sealed up under the house and we've...