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range outlet

  1. 6.9kW 240VAC range in 1/2" EMT?

    I purchased a new LG dual fuel range that is rated at 6.9kW at 240VAC. This is replacing an all-gas range that is currently on a 15A/110V line. Prior to having my basement finished, I had my contractor run EMT conduit from behind the oven to my panel, which is a 35' run. Unfortunately, he only...
  2. Range/Dryer 3 Prong to 4 Prong outlet conv.

    I am new to this forum so bare with me. There are several posts on converting a 3 prong outlet to a 4 prong outlet to meet the more up to date codes. Regrettably, my house id from the 80's and the builders were cheap you-know-whats and the 10/3 wire they ran to my dryer did not have a bare...
  3. connection of new range

    I am replacing a cooktop/wall oven with a free-standing range. Is it possible to (legally) somehow combine the existing 20A & 30A 220V circuits to make a 40A circuit for the range? I'd hate to have to purchase the heavy wire if there's another way. What size copper or aluminum is required...
  4. Attaching a range outlet to a wall

    This may sound silly but we have a range outlet laying on the floor and I was wondering how would I mount it to a wall before we install our new range.