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  1. Green Home Improvement
    I buy a rain barrel and put a downspout diverter as shown in the attached file. I wonder whether the downspout diverter is placed too low than the top of the rain barrel. If it is placed too low, what is the solution? Do I saw the downspout so that I can raise the downspout diverter?
  2. Green Home Improvement
    We've got 4" round downspouts coming from our main roof, and we're setting up rain barrels to make use of them, for plants and the fishpond, inter alia). (We got one barrel free from the city for converting from estimated to metered water billing.) And so I'm in need of a water diverter. There...
  3. Green Home Improvement
    Now that Labor day is almost here, and I have a full summer's use to reflect on, I thought I'd share my rain barrel experience. I had planned to just get a couple of those blue 55 gallon food barrels and make my own, but my wife HATED that idea, so I ended up finding these on sale at my local...
1-3 of 3 Results