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  1. Misaligned drawers

    Hi there, I'm having issues with a set of dresser drawers rubbing against each other. They're aligned properly vertically, but the ones beside each other all rub together (see pictures attached). When I take them out, I see that I'm able to adjust the rails up and down to fix the vertical...
  2. Deck Railing Post rebuild project

    Building & Construction
    My deck railing are in very poor shape, you can see they have been braced at the top, and they lean very badly. The railing spacing is also very large much bigger than any mother would want. (Sorry for the large pictures I hope they will show as much detail as possible but i hope the board will...
  3. Replacing 2x4 Rail Cap and Covering 4x4 Posts

    Building & Construction
    I built our deck about 6 years ago - I used 2x4 (not pressure treated) railing caps over top of a fairly standard looking 2x4 top rail with wood ballusters. Now, the 2x4 rail cap is warping (not surprising) so I want to replace it with a 2x6 rail cap. Any advice or surprises that I should be...
  4. building codes & Deck Rails with 3/4" aluminum spindles

    Building & Construction
    Two questions: 1. where would I find my region's building codes for decks? 2. I'm redoing the rails on my deck and plan on using 3/4" aluminum spindles, what is the typical amount of rails per foot or how many inches between each? I'm trying to figure out how many I should purchase.