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  1. Building & Construction
    Hello Everyone - Newbie looking for some best practice or suggestions on attaching a 2x6 cedar rail to a 4x4 Cedar post on my deck. I'm basically replacing the existing footprint of the deck and would prefer not to use a metal bracket. Currently the rails are toe-nailed into the post - My...
  2. Carpentry
    Hopefully a picture will explain this better than my rhetoric. I have holes in the back of all my cabinets, bathroom or kitchen. You can see them in the pictures. In the top image there's a sliding rail from a bathroom drawer that I removed. Notice how the rail appears to be secured in the back...
  3. Carpentry
    Hi, I've been getting a creaking noise out of my wooden bed rail lately. In the first picture attached, it's the one on the right - one of the side rails. Any weight on that in the middle and it creaks. The noise seems to be coming from the middle of the rail and where it meets the headboard...
  4. Carpentry
    I am doing a basic redo of our spare bedroom into our new nursery for our daughter coming in August. My wife requested a chair rail to be put in to separate the pink paint (bottom) with the white (top). Looking at the room, it's not a problem except I am stumped on what to do near the windows...
  5. Painting
    I would like to install new natural oak flooring but have 20 something pickled oak banisters. Anyone have luck refinishing old pickled oak railings?
1-5 of 6 Results