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radiant heat

  1. Help with Hydronic System: pump runs continuously

    I'm moving into a Seattle townhome built in 2005. It has a hydronic heating system with wall fan units, and separate thermostats (the simple knob kind) in each room. It seems that the thermostats control the actual fans in the wall vents, but they don't seem to turn the water pump on/off. As...
  2. Installing Electric Hot Water Tank in a Boiler system (not tankless boiler)

    Hi guys, Sorry for the long post.. I am bouncing an idea around in my head, but can't seem to find a clear answer: I have a New Yorker boiler, with a Riello burner, drinking Furnace Oil to make heat. The system heats 2 zones totalling 1300 SF of infloor heat in the basement, and 2...
  3. Tile over Tile over Radiant Heat

    I just bought a home on a slab with radiant hot water heat. The floor is all tiled on one level - about 22 years old and showing age. Can I tile over the tile and what would be the effect on the radiant heat system efficiency? Our climate is pretty cold in winter. Thanks.
  4. is this bid reasonable?

    Off Topic
    I just got a bid for an install of cast iron radiators in the lower level of my house that I am remodeling. The area is all torn out as far as walls / ceiling / old insulation and so on. The bid is as follows: 1 50 Gallon electric water heater 1 grundfos ups15-58 FC 3 speed circulation pump...
  5. what parts does this hot water radiant heat system need?

    My husband and I are rebuilding an old two story log cabin, incorporating it and some new spaces into a new 'old' home. For a variety of reasons, including the lack of space for ducting in log walls, we want to heat this with hot water using reclaimed 2-pipe steam radiators and some...
  6. geothermal

    Building & Construction
    Hello, I have a raised house in New Orleans and are looking to do Geothermal, radiant heating, and if possible radiant cooling. Does anyone know about if radiant cooling works with a geothermal system? And does anyone know if you can hire a driller to do a system that isn't the same guy who...
  7. I'm installing in-slab heating... outdoors.

    Building & Construction
    I'm in Santa Monica California and have a walled outdoor patio area adjacent to my house that I'm going to put a patio cover over. It will have open sides with curtains to retain warmth from a ventless fireplace. It gets chilly here at night even in the summer so I'd like to help the situation...
  8. retrofit slab insulation in finished basement... worth the trouble?

    Building & Construction
    Hello all, OK, I am finishing the basement on my 102 year-old house. It was a cellar, and, after exavating to the footings, I'm doing waterproofing (polyethylene sheeting, sump-pump with perimeter drain), and adding in-floor radiant heat. I am nearly at the point to installing the new slab...
  9. Hydronic Radiant Floor install questions

    Hi, all. First post. :) I'm in the process of removing my existing ceramic floor to replace the current baseboard heat with a hydronic radiant floor system. I've got a couple of questions. 1. Currently, there is tile installed on plywood over an old t-and-g subfloor. What's the best...
  10. Tile on concrete floor with radiant heat

    We are going to lay tile on concrete floors with radiant heat already poured in to the concrete, (1200 squ ft total) the slab is 4 mos old with a concrete block frost wall around it (in MT) there doesn't seem to be a consensus on how to do it, we are considering porcelain and/or ceramic 13x13 or...
  11. What Makes PEX different from Metals ?

    PEX has finally snatched the primary spot of top plumbing materials from copper and brass. Right now this cross-linked polyethylene has created inroads to the homes and hearts of common people. The reason behind its successful capturing of the market can be attributed to a few factors. Let us...
  12. Electric Radiant Floor Heat

    The latest craze in bathroom remodeling is toasty warm tile floors for your piggies. On a recent kitchen remodeling project we took things a step further: electric radiant floor heat as the primary heat system. Step Warmfloor(tm) manufactures cutting edge floor warming and floor heating...