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  1. Conduit Questions (in- to on-wall, behind transfer switch panel)

    I'm getting ready to install a transfer switch next to my main panel, but in order to install it I need to move some on-wall conduit out of the way. Here's what the space looks like now, with the prior conduit positions shown: And here's what I want it to look like: The conduit will...
  2. Raceway from flush mount service panel

    • Plan to install 240V 6-20R receptacle to left of window (see photo), for portable EV charger, approx 6 ft. horizontal run • Portable EV charger has built-in GFCI protection - don't plan on using GFCI breaker • In summer, window is left open - some rain below window is possible • Existing...
  3. Raceway

    I need to add a smoke detector to a property. I can not drill through the walls. Can I tap off the outlet with 14/2 romex and put it in a metal raceway up to the smoke?? I have heard that 14/2 cant go through the raceway...but i plan to remove the sheathing does this make it appropriate (its...
  4. Installing raceway in basement – advice?

    OK. So the cheapass homebrew raceway the last owner of this house put in has turned out to be dangerous – all the decorative metal outlet plates became hot :vs_mad:. All right, then, time to replace it. My local Platt has modestly-priced Legrand (formerly Wiremold) 500-series raceway that looks...
  5. Conductors in Raceway

    I am thinking of using raceway to add an outlet to an existing circuit. Can I run THHN wires through the raceway or must I use Romex? And what would be the maximum fill for 1/2" raceway? Would 3 12 AWG THHN wires, or 12/3 Romex, fit safely?