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  1. Squeaky Stairs Help

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi guys, first timer here. I've finally decided to do something about my stairs. They've been squeaking ever since i moved in. Almost every steps is doing it! Now since im real beginner here who doesn't know a dime of what he is doing, i need some real help here. i'll post some pictures in the...
  2. Attaching outlets to the Carlon box

    Hi All, My builder installed some Carlon double-gang receptacle boxes in my new construction garage but I'm doing the wiring. I noticed that the boxes don't have mounting screw holes inside for the outlets (see picture). I assumed the screws there were for grounding (or something?). How do I...
  3. Friggin geese

    Pest Control
    Let me preface this by saying that I DESPISE geese. They're annoying, they poop everywhere, and they walk slowly across roads. Anyways, my high school is having a serious problem with geese on its baseball fields. They're getting the field and stands very dirty, and we'd prefer to not have...
  4. Adam Carolla's New Home Improvement Show

    General DIY Discussions
    I'm a Producer working on Adam Carolla's new live show for SpikeTV. Adam's a comedian but he's also a master woodworker. We're hoping to feature segments with real people from all over the country who are working on their own home improvement projects and who might have questions for Adam or...
  5. Go to first new post Spliting an Outlet with a 4 wire line

    I have a 4 wire line (red, black, white and bare ground) coming from my panel. It is hooked up to a double 15A breaker. It has been used for my washing machine and my effluence pump. I have installed a new pump and washer and now have to move the line. The previous pump had a switch...
  6. Electrical Project Help

    Hi, I am trying to make something that I think will be basic for most electricians but not for me and need help/advice (in layman's terms). The project involves a low powered circuit with a sensor/switch that when pressed will reduce power to a solenoid, unlocking something. When the...
  7. Designing the 'best' roof system - How do you do it?

    Hey, guys. I've got a commercial/industrial roofing background and would love to get a some residential opinions. Obviously there is not a 'best' roof system because each system must be customized for the situation. What are some of the critical elements you make sure to include when creating...
  8. Q's about renovating a Massachusetts condo

    Hello all! I am a new forum member here, after spending several days lurking about and reading through the back posts. Like many Americans, I took advantage of the federal tax credit this year and purchased my first home (actually a condo...). Simple background of the property: 160 years old...
  9. Correct wiring diagram for 1 story house

    Hello, I'd like advice on my attached image of the wiring plan. I have a 1 story house that has 200 amp service, but all of the outlets are two wire with no grounding wire. Metal boxes but paper romex so it's ungrounded. I'm starting this project just to fix all the outlets first, and...
  10. Why cant I start a blog?

    Site Help and Suggestions
    Any idea how I start a blog? Am I missing some link somewhere or is there an actual restriction to only some members. If so what is that restriction? Some one out there must know!
  11. Water Heater Question

    New to the DIY. We flushed our electric water heater and replaced both elements and thermostats. We are refilling the tank and are not supposed to turn the power back on until is refilled. My question is: Should we be able hear the tank refilling? Upon initially starting to refill, we...