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quarter round

  1. What to do about gaps round edge of new carpet

    Hi, we have just had carpet installed in three bedrooms and a living room. Before the installation the salesman told us that we should take up the quarter round (quads). In hindsight I wish we had just asked for the carpet to be installed with these in place, because in some places we were left...
  2. Stair baseboard uneven with floor baseboard. Need to install quarter round.

    I've got a problem. I need to put in quarter round and the baseboards are uneven where the stair baseboard meets the floor baseboard. What do I do? Chase
  3. quarter round against metal track for sliding glass door

    I am installing a floating bamboo floor and I am not sure the best way to finish the gap between the floor and the metal piece that forms the track for a sliding glass door (shown above in picture). I would like the gap to be 1/4 - 1/2". I was thinking of installing 3/4" quarter round and glue...
  4. Is it ok to leave a tiny gap between the shoe moulding and the floor?

    Hello, I recently had some moulding and shoe moulding installed in my home. The installers left a tiny gap between the shoe moulding and the floor in certain places. My house was built in 1940 and the floors are not completely even or level. So, I was wondering if it's ok to leave the gap or if...
  5. Quarter round around door casing and transition piece

    Hi, I've recently hired someone to lay down some laminate floors. But they had done a horrible job which I am trying to fit myself - can't trust the guy anymore. My question is what I should do with quarter rounds around door casing. I understand that i should cut 22 1/2 or 45 degree right...