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  1. need suggestions on how to change out the shut-off valve in this picture

    I am going to replace this shut-off valve for the house water supply. As you can see, it goes from PVC, to a (what I think is galvanized) shut-off valve, back to PVC, and then to copper, and that goes into the wall. See picture here: This seems like a bit of a puzzle, because I can't just...
  2. How should conduit terminate at or above drywalled ceiling?

    How should conduit (PVC in this particular case) terminate at or above a drywalled ceiling? Specific case is a surface-mounted subpanel in an attached garage. Would it just be a hole in the ceiling drywall, through which the conduit passes and then simply ends with the wire coming out?
  3. Aeratis Porch decking

    Building & Construction
    We are considering this porch decking since its essentially being installed onto a sub-floor (with small sleepers) over a conditioned space, so we are shying away from wood because I'm concerned about cupping. Boards will never be longer than 8ft. I unable to find much info about this brand...
  4. Metal locknut in plastic box?

    Does the NEC prohibit the use of metal locknuts in PVC electrical boxes? The Carlon [or Cantex] PVC locknuts are nowhere to be found in my local hardware/big-box stores. I'm using ENT conduit, boxes, and adapters.
  5. Conduit Wire

    When installing wire in a short section of pvc conduit above ground (like to an outside sub-panel with UF wire) is it permissible to strip the wire's sheathing back the same length as the conduit and then install it? Or is this not advisable since the ground wire would be exposed/unprotected...
  6. Irrigation Line Repair

    While landscaping the backyard I accidentally damaged a buried irrigation pipe. I'm pretty good with plumbing around the house, but after doing a little research I can see this is a different animal and need some advice. I need to replace about 18 inches of 3/4" SDR 21 PVC. This is a main...
  7. Water Heater - Condensate & Vent Pitch Issues

    Hello, I'll try to keep this as short and straight forward as possible. This past winter, after many years of working perfectly, my Bradford White 40gal Gas Water Heater began to short cycle and would rarely satisfy the thermostat when called upon. I researched the issue exhaustively, did...
  8. Remove 8" PVC SDR35 Gasketed Cap

    I need to remove an 8" SDR35 PVC Gasketed Cap. It's on a sewer access above ground. The brand is Marathon, if that matters. I'm a rookie, although I did search for an answer here and elsewhere. Any kind soul want to point me in the right direction?
  9. How to get out pvc embedded in concrete

    General DIY Discussions
    I recently made some garden box supports out of concrete. As you can see in the pictures, the installed product has a 1/2" dowel rod that extends through the structure and then anchors it in place on the ground. In order to get this hole I put a length of pvc through the middle while pouring the...
  10. Pvc sewer connection

    Dear friends, I need to connect my 6" sewer service into a new construction house, but heres the problem...typically the mason leaves a pvc sleave inside the concrete and extends the pvc about 6-12" outside, so I can just connect a coupler and move on...but, this mason cut the sleeve flush with...
  11. PVC drain extension to metal drain and P-trap?

    We will need a drain extension tube when the new pedestal sink is installed. We are using a Metal drain and all metal 1 1/4 Chrome Plated Brass 17 gauge P-trap. We want metal P-trap because part of the P-trap will be exposed. So here is my question: Since the drain and extension parts will not...
  12. Code for SER in Attic Space

    I am running a 125Amp sub-panel off of my 200amp main panel with 1/0-1/0-1/0 Aluminum SER Cable w/ 2AWG Ground. 1st question is will that wire meet code for the correct size and second is this sub-panel is in a slab poured addition and I would like to to run it in the attic to get to the main...
  13. Pressure testing a drain and can't find leak to save our lives

    We're renovating a 100-year-old house and have replaced nearly all the old drains with PVC. The city requires an air test of the drain system -- it has to hold 5 psi for 15 minutes. We keep having a slow leak. We've soaped everything several times over. Found leaks some times, didn't others...
  14. How to hang PVC pipe for reduced noise?

    I am in the process of replacing a section of bad cast iron with PVC pipe. The 4" pipe will be hanged vertically and there's about 8 feet of it, with a turn in the middle. I've read PVC is louder than cast iron and sometimes it can happen that the weight of the water as it flows through the...
  15. Need Quick Advice on Sewer Tree Root Problem--Copper to PVC pipe ok?

    I am a homeowner (not a plumber) so I apologize in advance if I use any wrong terminology. I have had a recurring issue for years with tree roots getting into my sewer line. The line is PVC but a thin PVC. Last night the roots clogged the pipes again. Today I hired a new plumber (seems...
  16. Exterior Conduit - Best Option

    Hi everyone, I'm getting the outside unit of our heat pump moved to make way for a new deck. The unit will be moved from the south-east side of the house to the middle of the south side of the house. I'm going to prepare everything for the move so the HVAC can just dis-charge/disconnect the old...
  17. Looking for advice on these waste pipes

    I'm renovating the bathroom and need some advice on reconfiguring the waste pipes at the point in the picture. The simplest solution I can see is cutting off the trap and capping the shower waste pipe, then tying the new toilet into the 3" pipe. Despite lacking elegance, is this an acceptable...
  18. Is plumbers epoxy ok to use for repair of main stack?

    I have a 6-way PVC tee on the main drain/sewer stack in my home. It's a 3"x3"x3"x3"x2"x2" tee. About 8 or 9 years ago the shower drain came loose from the shower basin. When trying to glue the pipe and reattach it to the shower basin, the collar on the main stack where the other end of the...
  19. Inside corner pull elbow in PVC

    Harry the homeowner here. My town lets me pull a permit for electrical work (no panels!) but I'm an amateur. However, doing surface mount with 1/2" schedule 40 pvc is within my capability. Question -- why can't I find an "inside corner pull elbow" in pvc? These beasts exist in EMT, but...
  20. New glue for PVC?

    We are completing construction work to finish out the second floor of our garage, which was built in 2008. Right after it was built, we had the second floor totally "plumbed out", including tapping into the sewer line (middle of back yard), and completing all plumbing sewer and supply *lines*...