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  1. Broken PVC flush with cement floor

    Do you have any recommendations for repairing broken 2" pvc pipe sink drain without digging up the cement floor? The right-hand side of the break is flush with the floor. What I was able to find requires access to both sides of the break to insert coupling over-top. Hoping I do not need to...
  2. drip leak between PVC storm drain pipe and cement roof/ceiling

    Hello – I’m a DIY homeowner (recently renovated 1895 row house in DC) and struggling with a small leak in my garage (brick walls, cement ceiling with a patio on top/roof). The patio on the roof has a storm drain connected to a PVC pipe that goes through the roof of the garage and carries...
  3. Need advice for 2" conduit connections to detached garage

    I have a detached garage ~15ft from my house, which is currently fed by a buried 15A cable. I want to remove that and run the following: - 4x THHN 6AWG (for 50A circuit) - 6x THHN 12AWG (for two 20A circuits) My plan is to dig and run a 2" PVC conduit (18-24" deep) using LB conduit connections...
  4. Leak in threaded PVC plug, how to cut new thread in PVC elbow

    I have a leak in a threaded PVC plug with a 1/2" thread. The plug is in a 2" diameter 90 degree PVC elbow in a pool skimmer line (See attached pictures). The existing thread in the elbow has play and the plug can't be tighten. One way to fix it would be to enlarge the 1/2" threaded hole to...
  5. Irrigation Pipe Exposed

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I have a pvc pipe 5/8" in diameter that is only 2" below grade going over a small garden trench that is a total of 5" below grade. My question is how can I protect that pipe from not being broken by someone walking on it? I am open to filling up the trench but not sure how to reinforce it...
  6. PVC pipe sealing?

    Recently we had a contractor replace the sink in our kitchen and as a result he had to put in new pipes. That was a month ago and we had no issues until today. The PVC pipes in the attached picture were loose and leaking. We tightened them back down but I am not sure if the area where the...
  7. PVC threaded to cast iron threaded.

    I would like to know what to use to seal a 1 1/2" male threaded PVC fitting going into a female threaded cast iron pipe. It is the drain line for the tub and also where a vent pipe goes up into a wall.
  8. Reduce waste arm down to smaller pipe

    I am replacing a waste arm. The cast iron tee off the stack is over two inches. Forty years ago, a reducer was added which transitions to a copper pipe that measures 1 3/8" (outside diameter). The copper pipe will be replaced with a schedule 40 PVC pipe which has a diameter which is 1/2" bigger...
  9. Tried to fix a blockage now I need to fix the pipe..

    So I tried to fix a blockage in my drain line under my sink. Since I moved in, it just drained into my yard. I borrow a friends pressure hose that was 50' and made to clear pipe blockages. So I determined there was too many hard 90 degree turns after trying to feed the hose. I cut one out and...
  10. Replacing corroded metail drain pipe

    I have a drain pipe from my upstairs kitchen and washing machine that is corroded. It runs above a downstairs hallway and closet. I have cut away ceiling wallboard and located a hole as well as other spots of corrosion. The region is between two fittings where other drain pipes seem to join in...
  11. PVC repair

    I've got a crack in my PVC pipe, and it is very close to (and even includes one of) several joining pieces. I don't think there is enough space to cut out the cracked section and patch it back together with new piping without replacing the entire section. Any ideas? I've attached a couple of...
  12. drains

    can a toilet and a bathtub drain down the same pipe?I bought a house a few weeks ago that's been "gutted" and I need to replace a lot of things one of which is the drains in the basement.So again my question is can I connect a bath tub drain to the same drain as a toilet?:confused1:
  13. PVC joints came apart on my condensation tube and I can't afford a repair man!!!

    Hello, I smelled gas last night and heard a weird noise. I went down to the basement and felt cold air coming from the furnace closet. When I opened it I saw that the PVC condensation tube had come apart in two joints and water was on the floor. One joint closest to the clamp/bracket attaching...