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pump running

  1. Cistern pump on, but not pumping into house

    I inherited a house last year in the mountains that only has one water source, a buried concrete cistern. For almost a year now the cistern has been using a submersible pump that turns off and on depending on if water is getting used up in the house or not. A few nights ago the...
  2. Submersible (Domestic) Well Pump

    :confused1: HI, when my pump first starts, ie. after a power outage, it seems to run fine, (60 PSI). After it runs for a while the pump does not put up enough pressure, (approx. 30 PSI) and runs continuosly. The pressure switch is a 40-60 PSI. There are no leaks in the system. It seems like when...
  3. Ejector Pump Cycling

    I had to replace an ejector pump in my basement that was connected to my washer (no bathroom on lower level). My old pump I think was the original from 1998 and had 2 switches (one went into the other plug) and when it would go off I would hear the hammering sound of the check valve once during...
  4. Pump running - no water - single mom

    Okay, here is goes. I will give you the scenerio exactly how it happened. Yesterday, I returned home late and the first thing that I wanted to do was water the flowers. So, I went into the basement to turn the outside faucets on. (I always shut off the valves in between uses) I noticed...