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pressure washer
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  1. Tools
    I have an older pressure washer with a detergent line to siphon cleaning products into the system. I have never used it, but would like to try it on my car. Can I just buy ordinary car wash soap at AutoZone and dunk the detergent line in the bottle? Is there any need to dilute the soap first...
  2. Tools
    I am looking for a pressure washer for my car. No idea what is worthy to buy. Could you please recommend me a high-quality pressure washer?
  3. Tools
    I have an older Comet diesel-fired hot water pressure washer, and am repairing the fuel ignition electrodes. I have only seen a handful of fuel oil burners, so I'm not very savvy with them, and have a few questions. The attached pictures show my electrodes. Most oil burner electrodes I see...
  4. Tools
    Folks, I took apart the burner on my diesel-fired pressure washer and want to clean the coils (pictures attached). Are there any great ideas about how to clean the soot off the coils? I can implement a wire brush, scraper, and other pricking/poking devices, but thought I would ask if there any...
  5. Tools
    My pressure washer manual says to fill the crankcase with 80W-90 non-detergent oil. I am having a hard time finding this. A Google search produces 80W-90 gear oil, but I don't see any that specifically says non-detergent. I studied my bottle of Chevron 80W-90 oil in the shop and also called...
  6. Appliances
    Need to refill my pressure washer with gas. Was looking at this: Wondering if...
  7. General DIY Discussions
    Hello, my pressure washer won't start. I've followed the manual's operating procedure in regards to this and have had no luck so far, any help would be appreciated.
  8. Painting
    The exterior trim - between the brick facing and the eaves - is painted wood, a dentil-molding. My house is about 35 years old. The trim has probably been painted 3 or 4 times, last time six years ago. Can't afford to repaint right now. This dentil-style trim is filthy. I'd like to clean it...
1-8 of 8 Results