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  1. Rotting porch pillars

    Building & Construction
    I’ve got a small porch roof overhanging my front steps and the two pillars are rotting out. I pulled a bit apart with my fingers to find out they are hollow inside (I was expecting solid, or a metal pole, or something sturdy). The pillars are 1x8s. Could I just replace them with an actual...
  2. Patio roof supported by 4x4 posts

    Building & Construction
    Our home has a 12x12 patio/porch in the backyard. The porch is attached to the home on one side. There are two 4x4 posts on the side attached to the home/roof close to the walls and there are 3 4x4s on the other side. I have read somewhere that 4x4s might not be enough in some cases. Can...
  3. Framing with pressure treated lumber in termite area?

    Building & Construction
    I am replacing an exterior wall that was damaged by termites. I've treated the surrounding ground area with termiticide (Termidor SC) but would like to take further preventative measures while I have the wall open. Is there any reason I should not re-frame the wall using pressure treated 2x6s...
  4. Question about moisture under pressure treated wood

    Building & Construction
    Hello Everyone - I was trying to anchor some pressure treated wood to my basement slab (home built 1965) for the base of a bar. I was planning to use Tapcons & Loctite PL. The other day I put down the wood with the PL and a day later I noticed it hadn't stayed in place. I believe the primary...
  5. Multi-ply deck beam - flat on top or flat on bottom

    Building & Construction
    Quick question - I'm assembling a multi-ply deck beam (in this case a 20 ft long 2x10 3 ply beam), and I think it is more likely to win the lottery than find 3 20ft long PT boards that are perfectly matched in height over their entire 20 ft length. These are #1 boards from the same pallet but...
  6. Dimensions of Pressure Treated lumber

    General DIY Discussions
    I am repairing a rotted out front doorstep, threshold, floor inside front door. Damage was caused by water seeping in and dry rot. Have all the bad wood cut out and am getting ready to sister some of the 2 x 10 joists and replace a section of the rim joist under the threshold which was...
  7. Fence installed on the ground??

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I am concerned, I contracted with a small fence contractor to install 200 feet of fence on my property. The fence consists of posts and rails with boards set on either side of the rails. My concern is that even though he used pressure treated lumber throughout setting the post in concrete...
  8. Can I put composite railing on PT or Cedar deck?

    Building & Construction
    We are building a deck (approx. 28x12) and I found a local guy getting rid of some brand new Veranda brand Composite railing in the boxes. For each 6ft section, it would cost us $24 which is an amazingly low cost but we can't afford all composite. I was thinking we could do PT or cedar decking...
  9. Building on piers & pressure treated posts, or just concrete piers?

    Building & Construction
    I'm building a 12x24 art studio. The local builder wants to build on concrete piers (2.5 ft deep) with pressure treated wood posts sticking up. Soil would be piled back up against these posts. Although I will install a french drain around this building, I'm concerned (in inexperienced) that in...