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pool deck

  1. Hollow Sound Under Concrete Pool Deck

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I have a 4ft wide poured concrete deck around my in-ground pool that is about 2 years old. In one section next to a contraction joint, the concrete has the distinct hollow sound that I can hear simply from walking on it. The edge of the concrete is my lawn, so i can dig down to try and find...
  2. Pavers Over Pool Deck + Extension

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Ok. Hopefully someone can help me solve this hopefully minor calculation. 7 years ago we put 1 inch brick pavers over our pool decking. We now are getting ready to extend the decking and add a pergola and we want the pavers from the extension to seamless flow into the pavers over the pool...
  3. Pool Deck Cantilever

    Building & Construction
    Hello, 1st time poster & homeowner of this project. Can i mount on a preexisting oval pool deck - pressure treated #2 2 x 4's directly on top of 2 x 8 joists (12" spacing w/spans of 3' min up to 7' max ) to elevate the pool deck to allow a cantilever over the pool (9" to 12" from last beam). I...
  4. Pool deck cool deck chalking

    Building & Construction
    My friends cool deck is chalking and the paint is flaking up. This is only happening underneath the over hangs. The original cool deck the original cool deck that was laid is about thirty years old. It looks like they added they mixed the color into the cool deck material (white). Every...
  5. Moving water away from existing patio

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I recently moved into a home and have discovered that when it rains all of the run off from the pool deck ends up in one corner of the yard against the back of the house around the pool pump. This is also the location of the door to the screened in area surrounding the pool. It can get up to...