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pocket doors

  1. Light switches in a pocket door wall

    I'm installing double pocket doors and would like to install a 3 switch box next to the opening of the wall. If your familiar with pocket doors, these are walls that contain 2x4 split studs (to accommodate the doors). Each split stud is 3/4" deep and then I have the thickness of the drywall to...
  2. Pocket Doors and unlevel Floor

    When installing 2 new walls, one for a closet and one for 2 pocket doors to be installed, shouldn't the whole floor be measured for levelness first? Two walls were torn down in order to extend the bathroom out a bit, one side into the master bedroom and one side into the walk in closet. Thank...
  3. How do I adjust this old pocket door hardware?

    Windows and Doors
    Recently purchased 1903 Victorian. Double pocket doors, one side works great, the other drags on the floor so can't be opened and shut. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this particular hardware. I'd like to know if turning that adjustment screw OUT would pull the door higher. Right now it...
  4. 100 year old pocket doors

    Building & Construction
    My husband and I are remodeling a 100 year old home. We have a set of beautiful pocket doors that are suspended by a top wheel rail system, The doors and the rails are in excellent shape. The problem we are running into is we need a part, where can we get a part for a 100 year old pocket door...