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pocket door

  1. How to prevent screws from backing out of pocket doors or soft wood in general?

    Windows and Doors
    Today, for the second time, I've had my bathroom pocket door trap me inside my bathroom. I had to chop my way out because I didn't have anyone on the other side to help take the door off other than my wife to hand me a hammer and hand saw. (Hollow core pocket door.) To say the least, this is...
  2. Pocket door frame touching concrete floor question

    General DIY Discussions
    We are framing our basement which has a concrete floor. All of the walls we've assembled have pressure treated lumber at the base, per code. We have just put together the pocket door frame and I realized that the frame (wooden) is not treated and is only separated from the concrete floor by a...
  3. How do I adjust this old pocket door hardware?

    Windows and Doors
    Recently purchased 1903 Victorian. Double pocket doors, one side works great, the other drags on the floor so can't be opened and shut. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this particular hardware. I'd like to know if turning that adjustment screw OUT would pull the door higher. Right now it...
  4. pocket door in load bearing wall

    I would like to put a pocket door in a load bearing wall. I was wondering if this was an obvious do or don't. I also would like to enlarge the opening for this pocket door. I am told that I can but only to a certain degree. I believe I was told that I could take out the existing 2 x 4's and...
  5. Removing a stud, not damaging "back" wall

    Building & Construction
    Hi there... I am a newbie DIYer, having recently purchased a nearly 100-year-old house (we are coming up on celebrating the centennial of our house, along with the centennial year of the Titanic maiden and final voyage). The age of our house has brought out the DIYer in me, and I have cut my...
  6. Considering Pocket Entry Door at top of stairs

    My fiance and I are doing a lot of finishing of her house built in the '80s with much left unfinished. One area we're working on is the entryway at the top of the stairs from the garage. The kitchen entry is on the first floor level, but a floor up from the garage level (due to landscape...