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plug-in to hardwire

  1. Hardwiring a plug in - light stays on, wall switch doesn't shut it off.

    Hi, thanks for your help! I purchased the perfect light online not realizing it was a plug in and not a hardwired light. No big deal; I got a canopy kit and snipped the light cord at length to find two wires both clear plastic coated and with multiple tiny silver wires inside. There are 2...
  2. Hardwiring a plug-in LED light w/ LED driver

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping one of you can fill me in with some experience you might have had with this scenario. This is the first plug-in light I've ever attempted to hardwire, and I was sure it'd only be a quick cut and stripping/connecting of the wires but the LED comes with an LED driver and...
  3. Hardwire under cabinet light plug

    Hello, I recently purchased some utilitech undercabinet low voltage LED puck lights from lowes, slim seek polished metal ones. I didn't quite think things through though as I started to install them. I mounted all the lights and had to splice some wire onto some of the lights to extend them so...
  4. Grounding a light fixture with no ground wire?

    Hi there, I hope someone will be able to help with this... I bought a this pendant light fixture that is plug in, and I plan to remove the end of the cable, and hardwire it. I will connect the ribbed wire to the white wire, and the smooth wire to the black wire in the junction box. Here's the...