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  1. General DIY Discussions
    Hey all. I've decide to install a backyard playground set and want some information about the play surface. I plan to use rubber mulch as the play surface filler but can't really find any good DIY videos on how to get this done. In my mind, it seems easiest enough but.... Does anyone have any...
  2. General DIY Discussions
    Hi everyone, I am wanting to convert the top bunk space of my daughter's room into a sort of play room. I was thinking of getting a piece of plywood to lay down on the metal bars (it is a metal bed) and then cover them in pieces of laminate wood flooring. It is only twin size- I am...
  3. Carpentry
    I want to build a little play area in the back yard. I am thinking about something like 4 feet by 6 feet with some extensions. I live in Montreal so it gets cold and windy in the winter. Can I get away without sinking the posts into the ground? Can I make an above ground structure and then...
1-3 of 3 Results