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  1. Carpentry
    I am going to be building a platform with the goal in mind to be able to hold up 2,500lbs. roughly 4 feet in the air and roughly be 45"L x 40"W. Would Pressure Treated 4x4 posts be sufficient to hold up this much weight that high in the air? would I need to put on supporting cross members?
  2. Building & Construction
    so, i bought my pretreated 2x4s &plywood sectionals in order to construct a level platform base for my new 5x5 storage shed. all went well, til shed turned out ti be a dud...UGH. since, ive spent sum quality time trying to fig what the best replacement would be...& i think ive FINALLY found one...
  3. Building & Construction
    I am building a sleeping loft in a small apartment. The loft will be 13' long and 6' wide. It will be well supported on one 13' side and both 6' sides, but one 13' side will be a clear span. I would like to keep the construction as thin as possible to maximize head-space below and above. The...
  4. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi Everyone I'm in the process of installing a woodstove in my (new to me) home. I've got Terrazzo Tile on the floor, so I realize I don't REALLY need a "hearth pad" or a platform. But i think esthetically, it'll be more pleasing to raise the stove UP a bit. So I have a few options. The...
  5. Carpentry
    I am trying to build a platform on my boatlift in South Florida. The platform will be submerged in salt water periodically. The dimension of the platform will be 16' X 42". It will be placed on the Aluminum beams of a boat lift. I will be using pressure treated wood. Possibly 3 peope will be on...
1-5 of 5 Results