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  1. 3-way & 4-way switches w/pilot light

    I'm about to embark upon an installation of 3-way switches with Pilot Lights. Have done 3-way & 4-way before, but not with Pilot Lights. Could use some advice / diagrams for installation of 3-way & 4-way switches with Pilot Light. Thanks, randywpeters
  2. Amana Furnace Won't Light

    We are buying a house and we are at the stage where the house needs to be appraised by our bank. Everything is on and running except the furnace won't light, we have trouble shot it and the only problem we can come up with is the controller being bad. The furnace is we believe a 1970s Amana, it...
  3. Water heater pilot problem Bradford White

    Hi All, Hot water heater here quit day before yesterday. I tried to relight pilot light but it doesn't stay lit. The piezo igniter lights the pilot light but after pressing and holding in the pilot supply button for a couple of minutes it goes out again when released. It is model Bradford...
  4. Pilot kicks off when fireplace burner kicks on

    General DIY Discussions
    I recently installed a remote controlled gas valve in my fireplace. I can get the pilot to light, but as soon as the burner is turned on (with remote or control box) the pilot goes out. I have tried everything to get it to work but cannot. It seems that the gas to the pilot is turned off when...
  5. A.O. Smith water heater pilot light STILL won't stay lit

    I have a rental house with an A.O. Smith water heater, where the tenant has now been without reliable hot water for a week and a half. This is a model GCV 40 100 built in 2006. First I made a vacuum attachment and tried to clean the largely inaccessible air intake screen below the burner. That...
  6. Richmond natural gas hot water boiler

    Hello all, We just moved into a new house a few months ago, and since then, I've been forced to learn alot about boilers, quickly. It's been issue, after issue. The house has been vacant since spring, and we moved in just in time to turn on the heat. We have a 1960 Richmond (Rheem) natural gas...
  7. Lennox G20Q3E pilot & burners sporadically won't light

    Hi guys. A few days ago I noticed my Lennox G20Q3E-75-6 (1997 model) was not putting out hot air. Upon further inspection, it was evident the pilot light was not lighting. After some fiddling around, I determined that one works-most-of-the-time workaround was to turn the gas valve switch on...
  8. Bernham Boiler pilot light won't light

    Good Morning Everyone! My furnace had been working fine. I had my gas HWH changed out (by a licensed plumber) 3 days ago. Up until the storm, I had the furnace turned off because it was warmer. This morning it was cold in the house. When I turned the thermostat up, I realized the boiler...
  9. Pilot Light with no pilot setting

    Hi. I'm trying to light my pilot light, however I don't see a pilot setting. There is only on and off setting. Please help because it is getting cold.:help::help::help::help::shuriken:
  10. Help! Water Heater Pilot Light

    Hi Everyone, I'm at my witts end with my water heater. I have Bradford White Model: MI5036FCX2 gas water heater. The pilot light constantly goes out. I have replaced the thermostat and thermocouple. There is a little button/switch that has to be reset everytime the pilot light goes. Could the...
  11. Used Rheem 50gal water heater - Pilot won't light...Any ideas?

    I have a used 50 gallon Rheem "Fury" series water heater (built in 2005) that I just installed, but we can't seem to light the pilot flame. We hooked up the gas line and turned on the gas. Then we turned the dial to "pilot", held down the pilot-gas button, and depressed the "Piezo igntion...
  12. Payne gas heat pilot light

    I have a 1 year old Payne gas heat and air unit, model #py3pna024060ab. First time this year I tried to turn heat on and is not working. AC works fine, fuses tested good, and I believe the thermostat is o.k.; when I turn on heat the unit makes a fan noise and I hear a clicking about every 30...
  13. Lighting Pilot fails occasionaly

    This fall, I began to experience the following with my Lenox Elete series gas furnace. Most times when the heat cuts on the pilot lights and the furnace operates fine. Occasionally, the pilot will not light: - Fan comes on to clear exaust (normal) - after the exhaust fan runs several seconds the...
  14. Pilot won't stay lit on a Utica MGB boiler

    I need help. My pilot went out on my Utica MGB boiler 2 days ago. I can light it but it goes out when I release red button. Thermocoupler was replaced 2 years ago. Does anyone have any ideas? THANKS!
  15. Carrier Furnace Series 160 Pilot Light issue

    I have a Carrier Series 160 (model 58gs050-ab). Every couple of days the pilot light goes out on the furnace. I simply remove the lower cover and replace it pressing the plunger type button. It clicks a few times then the Pilot lights, the furnace turns on, and there are no other problems. It...
  16. Pilot light button on furnace won't turn

    I'm trying to light my furnace pilot light, but for some reason the pilot light button will not turn so I can light the gas. For some reason the pilot light went off some time is the summer, and now that it's turned cold again.... This happened once before, seven years ago. The furnace is a...