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pex installation

  1. circulation system project

    My hot water recirc system turns on/off using a smart timer. It works well, but as expected, when the timer is off, the appliances at the end of the loop can take 15 minutes to get hot water. So I want to rework the system. I want to install two shorter loops. One for upstairs, and one for...
  2. Thinking about adding second water trunk line..??

    My house has 3/4 inch hot and cold pex trunk with 1/2 pex t'd off of it to feed the sinks, showers, etc. It is a two story with two full baths on the second floor and the main has master bath with a separate shower and tub. I have 3 daughters and my wife in the house and many of the showers...
  3. pex tubing question

    my plumber recently installed a PEX tubing run from my current copper pipe with a T fitting. It seems that there is a lot of stress on this joint because he immediatly did a 90degree turn with the tube. Will this work? (see photo)