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  1. Mystery Critter(s)

    Pest Control
    I had the exterior of my house repainted the first week of July. The painters also replaced all the trim with treated boards except for one section under my carport. Some two weeks later I went outside and discovered damage to one of the boards that was not replaced (1st picture). After...
  2. Is this termite damage?

    Pest Control
    I went down to my basement and found some small pieces of wood had fallen from the ceiling. I looked up and saw that a small portion of one of the boards looked damaged. See photos. We did have termites two years ago and it was treated by a professional. He came back last year for an inspection...
  3. Bed Bug Problem

    Pest Control
    For about a week or two, I've been noticing bug bites, mostly on my leg, but also on my arms and one or two on my hips, but I have animals, and we just had a little flea problem so I figured that's what it was, and acted accordingly. Just last night, I noticed a single (unfed) bed bug on the...
  4. Name this fly (please!)

    Pest Control
    Can anyone identify this fly and provide suggestions on how to get rid of them? Sorry the picture is upside down. About 1/8" long. Fairly certain I brought it home from a BBQ. Have set out fruit fly traps (both purchased and ACV homemade) with minimal success. Flies tend to sit on the ceiling...
  5. How to get rid of pesky squirrels?

    Gardening Forum
    I have one big fat squirrel that is constantly in my garden eating whatever it can get its paws on. How do you get squirrels to go away? Without killing... I have tried putting mustard around the fence because that's what Google search said to do but it didn't work. Thank you.
  6. Mouse droppings in addition ceiling insulation

    I finally cut open an access panel into the ceiling to our addition. We've heard animal sounds in the walls and ceiling in that area a while ago so I thought I'd see what was there. When I dropped the drywall rectangle down, it had lots of mouse poop, just on the one little area that I...
  7. Adding new insulation to attic

    This weekend I am going to add some more insulation to my attic. However, as I have been going through the attic and collecting the junk and other crap left behind I have discovered that rats, squirrels or other pests have been living there too. I have found tunnels and many 2" wide holes...
  8. Chigger infestation... in a house?

    Pest Control
    Hi all! My wife and kids and I just moved into a nice little rental home and everything is perfect except that the house itself (and the yard) is infested with chiggers. The home had been redone with new carpet and paint, etc. but somehow they're everywhere. Just about everything online is a...
  9. Wasp Issues

    Pest Control
    Constantly have wasps flying around my back patio/hitting up against the glass. I haven't been out there in a year because of them buzzing around. They occasionally find their way in (though fixed that by shutting chimney flume) but I would eventually like to go out the back door. Any ways to...
  10. Carpet Beetle Adults

    Pest Control
    Last week I began noticing carpet beetles in my bedroom- thought they might be bed bugs but did some image searching online (plus I haven't been bitten). I haven't seen any larvae, nor have I noticed holes in my clothes, but I've seen about 5-10 adult beetles a day since. I cleaned, sprayed some...
  11. Rat infestation around horse barn/chicken coop

    Pest Control
    Help! - I have an infestation of rats in and around my four-stall horse barn. I secured all of my feed in solid plastic garbage pail style containers. The horses naturally drop grain while they are eating to there will always be a steady supply of food for them. I also have a chicken coop...
  12. spraying apricot & cherry trees

    Gardening Forum
    This is our second season with apricot and cherry trees and so far it has been a learn-as-we-go experience. This year, we're dealing with tiny black specks on the leaves (I think they're aphids?), and tiny caterpillars. We did not apply any type of insecticide during its dormant period because...
  13. Houseflies cover basement floor!

    Pest Control
    I am the Director of a nonprofit, and among my duties is the management of grounds issues, including the parsonage. Last year in the middle of summer, flies began turning up in the parsonage in droves. The clergy can Hoover them all up from the basement floor and they just keep coming...
  14. Caterpillars in my house! How do I get rid of them?

    Pest Control
    Hello all, I would appreciate some ideas. I have searched the internet all day and I'm getting nowhere! I have found several brown caterpillars, 1-2 inches long, in my house over the past 3 days. Just crawling on the walls, floor, etc. Have not seen any in food. Today I woke up with on...
  15. Help Me Please

    Pest Control
    I've recently moved into a townhouse and 2 days after unpacking and cleaning we've noticed bed bugs coming from the base boards. We've decided to move while landlord is agreeing to refund 100% of our money. My question is how infested are my personal belongings? we immediately placed our beds in...
  16. Is this some sort of nest or fungus?

    Building & Construction
    Hi, My boyfriend and I bought a house about a year ago, we have pretty consistent water difficulties in the basement. Water seeps through our walls when it rains, and drains into our sump pump. During our home inspection, the home inspector found some signs of possible termite activity within...