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  1. Thoughts on doing work without a permit?

    General DIY Discussions
    I just want to hear some general thoughts, for and against. How do you feel about people doing work on their own houses and land without getting permits for it? For example, I saw a blog post that said if you do your own electrical work without a permit and your house burns down from an...
  2. Responsible Runoff / Permit Requirements

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I live in a factory that was converted into condos about 15 years ago. about 10 feet outside the back door of my condo is a set of railroad tracks for when the railroad cars used to deliver materials to the factory. As such, my unit is about the height of the railroad carriage above the tracks...
  3. Retro Permits for Basement Finish

    Here's the quick and dirty: House built in 2012 with partially finished 1800 sqft walkout basement (meaning, rough in plumbing, exterior walls drywalled & electrical outlets, basic light fixtures in unfinished ceiling) Recently had the following work done or did the following work without...
  4. Can you pull permits for individual circuits on an older home?

    I'm always a little confused about the permitting/inspection process, so I'm hoping someone here can add some clarification. BACKGROUND: I have an small, old home (built in the 1930s) in a rural area, and the electrical is a mishmash of work done over the years – probably most of it done by...
  5. Changing Pipe from County meter to House

    General DIY Discussions
    Does the county charge you a fee to just change the old pipe leading from the source (meter) to the house? I'm sure you probably need a permit, but I wanted to know if they will charge additionally and generally what they will charge. This is not a "new" construction or a "new" pipe. It is...
  6. Should I get a permit for replacement windows?

    Building & Construction
    When I bought my first house 5 years ago, I was naive and did not understand that building permits were required for certain home improvements. I learned a hard lesson since then and now I'm going to have 5 replacement windows and a slider door installed. The company I hired said I HAD to get a...
  7. Fixture Count

    I am planning to replace the exposed galvanized pipe in the basement of an old house. I would connect to the existing supply system for three 1/2" runs behind plaster walls running up to the second floor and for the 3/4" supply line to the house, and replace the rest of the system with CPVC...
  8. Permits / Notice of Corrrection/ Hiring GC to help

    Building & Construction
    I am not a contractor – I am a homeowner and I am posting here in hopes of getting some advice. Long story short we bought our first house less than 2 weeks ago in Los Angeles. We hire a licensed plumber and licensed electrician to come in and do some work for us. Per our instructions, they...
  9. Permits

    I have a bit of a problem. I am finishing a 1/2 story attic built in the 50's. I have pulled my construction permit and anticipate pulling my electrical permit. I am now considering running my central air to the space (heater is adequate size), however HVAC Folks I have had come and look at...
  10. What Electrical Work can a homeowner do themselves?

    Hi, I just bought my first home. It needs a lot of renovations, including upgrading to 200 amp service and removing the old double tapped 100 amp box and glass fuse subpanel, and adding some new wire so I can add new lighting and receptacles in the bedrooms etc. I know how to install...
  11. What is a typical permitting process like?

    General DIY Discussions
    I'm planning on adding some wiring to my garage and am curious to know what the "average" permit process is like. After submitting my permit request (and assuming it is approved), do the inspectors have to look at the building before any work begins?
  12. permit problem

    Building & Construction
    So I bought a house last year, it inspected perfectly, everything was great... after I bought it I found out the previous owners are the ones that finished the basement... that's where I started to get scared... I have been looking around, insulating hot water pipes, etc... then I noticed...