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  1. DIY Pendant Light with Sconce

    Project Showcase
    I really wanted to add some custom lighting options to my apartment. Pendant lights were the perfect match to my creative vision. I used the DIY Light kit from Color Cord. I built the sconce's from pine boards. I really liked the way they came out, a rustic yet modern spin on the pendant light...
  2. Intermittent pendant light

    I have 3 pendants over my kitchen island, and for some reason one of them is sometimes coming on, but sometimes not turning on. They are 12v lights and all of the connections are tight, so I think it may have something to do with the way the cable they are hanging from is screwed into the base...
  3. Homemade Lantern Pendant Lights for Island

    Project Showcase
    Using some cheap supplies from a Big Box store, I made some lantern pendant lights for over my kitchen island and basically just wanted to show them off. :) They still need a little work (tarnishing/straightening the copper, smoking the glass), but for less than 50 bucks, I got these. I did...
  4. Wired a new light now dimmer doesn't work

    I was replacing three pendant lights in my kitchen. The first two are on the same dimmer switch. The third is on its own dimmer switch. The first two light I was able to put up with no problems....connected the white to white, black to black and ground. The third light had different wiring...