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  1. Plumbing
    We have a 1920's home and are in the process of remodeling our bathroom. The original pedestal sink is in basement and IS NOT mounted to wall. With 4-5 people using the sink, we have had NO PROBLEMS with the sink tilting, falling, or leaking or anything. We have new pedestal sinks and would...
  2. General DIY Discussions
    I have a 36 inch diameter pedestal table base (28 inches tall). On top of that will be a 60 inch diameter sheet of MDF (3/4 inch) which will serve as the substrate to glue a 72 inch diameter granite table top (1 1/4 inch thick). Do you think I will need more support under the MDF substrate to...
  3. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    i recently bought a display pedestal sink from home depot. I had to buy a wall bracket for it but upon looking closer, i seen that the sink itself doesn't have any holes for mounting it to the only has a lip on the back for a bracket. Is there a specific way to install this one?:(
1-3 of 3 Results