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  1. Plumbing
    Hello everyone, I have an old faucet at a camp that I am having trouble identifying so I can find the correct replacement parts. I have attached some pictures. Any ideas? Thank you all in advance for looking, Ben
  2. HVAC
    Greetings fellow DIYers, I'd like to replace all four heat exchanger cells (Carrier part number 79988-50) on a 100,000-BTU/hour Bryant 394GAD048100 gas furnace. I like the modularity of individually replaceable cells, but it seems everyone is asking per cell what a complete heat excahnger...
  3. Electrical
    I just bought a house with an un-permitted storage shed. My city sent out an inspector to approve and they said; to approve the electrical, without tearing about the walls and the breaker etc, I can pass inspection with some handle-ties to ensure the breakers trip in tandem. That's about the...
  4. HVAC
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and am just wanting to get information on where to buy parts for a Concord furnace, I know they're bottom end a a POS but that's what the builder put in my house, if I have to call a technician I am just going to replace the damn thing. Anyway, through I have...
  5. Plumbing
    We have a leak in our bar faucet and upon removing the cold water handle I noticed a small clip that was damaged. I am not sure if this is my problem. I have attached photos of the faucet and clip. I cannot find a make or model / serial # to order a replacement part or a similar faucet. A...
  6. HVAC
    I had my furnace limit switch go out a year ago and had a service tech replace it. Last week the same thing happened, i am told it was because I had a dirty filter(which I probably did, I am doing some drywalling, sanding etc in my house, lots of white dust). I replaced the limit switch again...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Person selling lennox 3.5 ton whisper heat 1992 furnace for 400.00 Replaced motor on blower 2 mon. ago w/new.A-coil and cover and some duct work included. Should we buy?:(
  8. HVAC
    Unless I'm getting into the refrigerant loop, I am allowed to work on my equipment. If I need parts, how do I get them? If the system was installed by a licensed contractor, and I correctly identify the dead part, how do I get them replaced under warranty, so I can avoid paying service calls?
1-8 of 8 Results